West coast conference on being out at work

You live near Southern California? Then you should know that Out for Work is hosting the next LGBTQA College Student Career Conference at UCLA on April 10 & 11, 2010.  The two-day agenda includes workshops on building your personal brand and one called “Manners, meals and interviews.”

College students may benefit from exploring the dimensions of being queer and looking for work post-graduation.  Some parents, teachers–and yes, career counselors–talk about what it means to be “professional” at work, which can fly in the face of your desire to be out at work. If you plan to go to the conference, bring your toughest questions about what your sexual identity has to do with your career! Of course, for more insight, keep reading this blog…

Out for Work lists a national conference to be held in Washington DC in September 2010. More info

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