What a Straight Ally Looks Like

Any excuse to talk about pop chanteuse Belinda Carlisle, whose memoir Lips Unsealed is due out in June. How do you know when someone at work is an ally, or sympathetic to you as a queer person? Hearing them support pro-gay legislation is one example, as Belinda does in the video:

Hi, I’m Belinda Carlisle, and I’m recording this message not as a musician or public figure, but as a mom. My son James is gay, and I want him and every other gay person out there to have the same opportunities and rights that I’ve had in life.
Next month the State of Maine will be voting to decide whether or not to preserve the equal marriage law signed by the governor earlier this year. After the devastating setback that was Proposition 8, it is absolutely vital that we win this battle in the “Pine Tree” State. By doing so, we will send a strong message to President Obama and our representatives in Washington that public opinion is with us, and it is time for federal action.
Please join the effort by going to protectmaineequality.org and donating now. Together let’s affirm equal rights for all Americans and give hope to young gay people, like my son, for a better future.

It’s really touching to hear the love in her voice and see her smile at the end when she says “give hope to young people, like my son…”

So let’s imagine that Ms. Carlisle is your office mate. Ha! If you overheard Belinda while walking past her workstation, you might chime in–and come out if you haven’t already–or at least remember that she’s someone who’s friendly. You take care of yourself by the comfort you feel in knowing that should you need support, she might be there.

Incidentally, after this video was produced, Maine became the 31st state to reject same-sex marriage at the ballot box. Boo! Hiss!

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